Exercises to Help Stop Period Cramps Before They Start

Exercises to Help Stop Period Cramps Before They Start

Best 3 Exercises for Menstrual Cramps 

Over the years, I have been observing my period flow, sexual activity, and other patterns every month. One unwanted symptom I have discovered is that I feel lazy during my periods. When I get out of bed, I feel I want to crawl right back in, reach for my comfort food which is chocolate or my fav drink Pepsi soda and then turn on Netflix to binge watch for hours.

But seriously, this is not what I really need to get through the havoc my periods always put me through. So I have incorporated a few exercises that ease the pain but also energizes me to help keep me from being stuck in the bed all day. 

On the other hand, my sexual arousal is very high during my periods, especially when using a period cup or disk to block the flow of the blood and allow all the mess to be in the menstrual disk NOT all over me nor on my boyfriend. 

Through my research, I have learned am not alone in being "horny" on my period....this is a real thing. But to my findings, having intercourse is truly beneficial to our periods because it actually relieves the cramps and pain by relaxing the uterus which helps the shedding tissue to pass easily. This process may also help speed up our periods.

Who knew sex could have all these benefits for our menses. Hmmmm....yeah I'm adding these to monthly period care wayyyyy more often...lol.

Here are 3 exercises I engage in during my period and think giving them a try to see if you feel the same benefits might just be what you need.

The Exercise for Your Booty & Period 

Glute Bridge

The abdominal muscles become tight during periods as the uterine lining is shed and because of bloating.  Bridging gently puts the body in an inverted position which increases blood circulation.  It also encourages the blood to flow away from the lower abdomen and pelvis, thus reducing fullness and pressure.  Taking away weight from the pelvic floor removes collected inflammation and cramping around this area.

exercises for period cramp

It’s recommended to put your body in this gentle inversion for a short time during your periods as a way to reduce cramping.  Get this booty and period relief exercise in for at minimum 5 minutes. However, you should listen to your body and stop when it feels uncomfortable.  In fact, you should attempt in Glute Bridge during less painful cramps.

Knees to Chest

The exercise involves lying on the back with the knee of one leg pulled up towards your chin while the other leg is stretched out.  You can use your arms to clasp the knee to ease the strain. Try to remain in that posture for a 1 minute, relax and switch legs.

exercise for menstrual cramps knees to chest

The goal is to increase blood circulation around your abdomen, thus reducing the pain that muscle contraction during the period cause.  You can avoid the knee to chest stretches when it feels uncomfortable.

Sex or Masturbation

Some women have a higher sex drive and increased arousal when menstruating.  But a few of them feel comfortable engaging in sexual activity while bleeding, while others may prefer to masturbate.  Massaging the genitals with your fingers or sex toy can lead to orgasm, which is very helpful when experiencing period cramps.

The body releases chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin when you have an orgasm.  These serve as painkillers, thus helping you deal with period cramps.  Further, during orgasm, the blood circulation increases around the uterus.  This rush helps relieve the contractions and get rid of stress.  The body also releases endorphins which enhance relaxation and allows you to sleep better.  

So don’t feel shy making love or stimulating your clitoris, vulva, or nipples during your periods.  The sexual pleasure will not only make you feel good, but it will also reduce the painful cramps.  

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