Simply wrap & snap HER around your waist in 20-30 minute intervals, focusing on the pelvic area or lower abdomen for therapeutic heat & massage.

Wear to work, school, exercise, running errands, events, dates or just snuggle in the bed with warmth and relief.

The days are over restricting our moves just because we are on our periods. The V-Love Period Belt got you!

Yes! Our products are effective and works well. However, results may vary per person. For the best results, please follow instructions. There are customers who have had immediate results, while others may see results later.

CAUTION: Our period belt heats can be intense thus please use a shirt or cloth between your belly and device to prevent high heat setting from touching skin directly. The high setting gets really toasty to help relieve cramps but may very well be too hot for direct skin contact.

Yes this is great for all ages. Teens under 18yrs parent/guardian supervision is required.


Menstrual Cramps | Endometriosis | Fibroids | Cyst Therapy | Castor Oil Packs | Back Pain | Sore Buttocks | Sore Muscles


Pregnant | Heart Disease Patients | Gout Patients | Open-Wounds or Sores on Skin | Cervical Tumors

Reports from users with varied levels of period cramps have stated relief instantly as early as 3 minutes without the use of pain pills. Please know results may vary based on your needs. But you will feel the heat & massage calm those tense feminine muscles in minutes.

Like WOAHHH!!! If you've ever used a hot water bottle, heat patch, or heated hot towel THEN you're in for a relaxing treat. It's like giving your period a spa treatment with relaxing hot stones but you get to control the temperature but with gentle soothing vibrations.

Yes, our device provides natural thermal heat using Graphene Heating Film which is safe & effective in providing safe heat in a large area.

You can feel the heat quickly without waiting.

The EVE Belt will shut down automatically after approx 30 Minutes for safety precaution. Simply double tap to turn her back on again as needed.

CAUTION: Our period belt heats can be intense thus please use a shirt or cloth between your belly and device.

Your V-Love Period Belt kit includes the belt, a USB charging cable, a portable battery pack with its own usb cable, silk carry bag, and a FREE GIFT.

Simply use USB provided in your gift box to recharge it in a power outlet.

Thanks to EVE's portable design and built-in rechargeable battery, we can bring HER anywhere we go, anytime. Charge 3-5 Hours for full charge.

Included with our EVE Belt is a complimentary portable power bank to also charge HER anywhere, anytime which means we can leave home with confidence.

Just make sure the battery is fully charged, and this device will have you covered whenever period cramps start to get in the way of life.

Be sure to keep our power bank charged for when we're on the go.

No our V-Love Belt is rechargeable with a USB charging cable provided with your order.

The portable battery pack will allow you to travel and charge when an outlet is not available. Yep you can charge in the car!

Belt Fits upto 50in waist Comfortably. It can be stetched upto 55in waist but may feel a little snug. We are working to get 70in waist bands but we will update website when it becomes available.

Please consult your doctor. For many, our device's heat & massage therapy have reduced the amount of pain pills that customers would normally for cramps. As a suggestion, run to your V-Love belt and give it a chance to work before adding unnatural substances to the body.


Check out this study on how heat wraps WORKS BETTER than pain pills in reducing cramps, mood swings, and fatigue. 

"The heat-wrap group reported less severe menstrual symptoms"

Additionally, the heat-wrap group had significantly lower scores (LESSENED SYMPTOMS) regarding mood swings, fatigue, and lower abdominal cramping,


There was a significant difference between the intensity of pain before the intervention started, immediately after, and also six weeks after it

According to the results of this study and confirmations of other ones, it seems that massage therapy can be a fitting method to reduce the menstrual pain


You understand that our products do not guarantee a cure for any medical condition or disease.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed by V-Love Yoni™ by Body Adore™ are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition, see your physician of choice. Individual results may vary.


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110% Guarantee Only First 30 Days 

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110% Guarantee Only First 30 Days

111 Days Warranty Only First 111 Days

The best news is you also get 111 days to return your belt if you're not satisfied. This will be a full refund of 100% cost of exact item. Simply return your V-Love Belt for a full refund within 111 days which is the first 111 days from the day of your delivery confirmation by delivery service NOT the day you open your package.

You MUST RETURN the V-Love Belt within 10 days of your return request for your full 100% refund. 110% refund is for the first 30 days ONLY.

The warranty does not cover our portable battery pack, usb cords nor free gifts we include. The V-Love Period Belt is the only item covered under this warranty. Thank you for your understanding.

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