Sex During Period? These Tips Help Me Enjoy Sex During My Periods

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What to Know About Period Sex, Including Safety, Benefits, and Tips

Period sex!!! YASSSSSSSSS!!!!

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But some women portray period sex like a natural disaster that everybody should run away from as fast as possible. But why? Having sex during periods may feel like a flood and can be a messy affair, plus many consider it taboo. Some may feel this is gross but once we are educated about what we don't know, its easier to be open and explore with a little knowledge. Every woman is different so be sure to research and/or consult with your gynecologist preferably a Holistic one to find out what your alternative options and speak your concerns.

As for me having sex during my periods is absolutely normal.  In fact, I'm hornier at that time. There is absolutely no reason to miss out because there's nothing unsafe about it. But, I need to keep in mind our comfort because it can get messy or painful.

My holistic gynecology told me that there is nothing wrong with having a good time during my periods. The doctor said to me that I can still experience pleasure and enjoy my body even when I'm bleeding. What kills other women's desire for sex during their cycle is the shame linked to sex and periods, as well as the lack of information. Otherwise, it has a lot of benefits when you become more comfortable with it, and your partner is receptive.

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Let’s get started with what you should know about period sex and having it in a slightly less messy situation.

Can you have sex on your periods?

Yes.  It's totally fine to have sex during your periods. Even from a medical perspective, a woman can have sex when menstruating. But, you need to avoid sex when you're positive for HIV, hepatitis, and known STIs to prevent transmission. The presence of blood increases the transmission of such bloodborne diseases.

Also, since the cervix is open during periods to enable the blood to flow out increases the risk of infection. But you can still enjoy sex when your partner wears a condom.

Can you get pregnant during period sex?

Ye.  However, it’s rare. The chances are nil if your periods are regular and you're sure what you have is actually your period. But the case is different if you're spotting or bleeding due to other reasons. Not all bleeding is period.  You can bleed during ovulation or experience breakthrough bleeding.  So be aware of that. 

The sperms can also hang around when you have sex at the last day of your period, and if you ovulate really early, you can be pregnant.

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Because of that, it’s recommended to avoid having unprotected period sex due to increased chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy.  Instead, use some birth control like a condom when having period sex, especially with a partner you’re not too familiar with.

What are the benefits of period sex?

Sex is awesome during periods because of various reasons, including:

Less painful periods: Your uterus contracts when during periods to allow the shedding of its lining.  During orgasm, the uterine contracts, making you feel better when they relax.  Also, the body releases endorphins during orgasm, which helps with pain.

The Arousal increases each day during periods: Your estrogen and testosterone levels are low on the first day of your cycle and higher on the third day.  That is why you feel more sensitive and aroused around this time.  You're likely to have increased pleasure then, and your blood can offer extra lubrication.  Indeed it is the week to go natural and keep away from the store-bought lubricant.

Speeds up your period: Orgasm will likely cause your period blood to flow faster and end sooner.  It can also make it lighter because it triggers the uterus to contract more and shed the lining more quickly.

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Are there any downsides of period sex?

Period sex has both benefits and downsides.  They include:


The blood serves as natural lubrication.  So avoid using a tampon before sex to reduce soaking up the entire blood.

Orgasm reduces period cramp pains.

·         Downsides

It's messy, and both you and your partner will end up in a bloody pool based on where you’re doing it from.

There is an increased risk of transmitting bloodborne diseases.

How to have the best period sex possible

A little preparation can give you an enjoyable and comfortable experience.  Here are tips on how you can go about it.

  • Spread a dark-colored towel to save your sheets and avoid intense aftermath.
  • Opt for period shower sex if you don't have a towel to sacrifice, or you don't have time to clean afterward.
  • Focus on the clitoris of your menstruating partner instead of penetrative period sex.
  • Stick to the missionary position when engaging in penetrative sex since it’s less messy due to limited blood flow.
  • Help your male partner orgasm with oral or manual stimulation.
  • Continue talking to your partner when doing the deed since some positions are uncomfortable or when you have painful periods.

These tips help me enjoy sex during my periods.  You, too, can have fun.

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