I remember my mom demanded that I start taking birth control which is when my period problems began. I started experiencing heavy bleeding, headaches, bloating, fatigue, diarrhea, and debilitating cramps to the extent of missing school and having fun as teen girl.


Thinking back, now having four kids, my period cramps felt more like contractions because of how intense they were. Many times the period contractions would literally stop me while walking. As a result, I had to stand still or sit, clench my fist, closed my eyes until the pain passes.


After a few minutes, I would stand or continue walking until the next episode comes, and the process continued. And YESSSSS, this is the pain I felt every single month. Sad, but true! 


That first two days I would just cry, clutch my pillow and lay in a fetal position while taking 3-4 pills of pain medicine every 4 hours and ride my period attack out over some days. Yep that was the only solutions every woman told me to do...."RIDE IT OUT!" My question is how do someone ride out an attack?! 


During this time I was lonely, frustrated, depressed with low self-esteem and no one to turn to because back then, this was normal so my pain was usually dismissed with words, "you'll be alright" or "go take some medicine."


My junior and senior years in high school, I had to appeal my absences because I would miss at minimum 4-5 days every month if not more due to pain that made me feel like I was carrying another person's body while I was being pushed in the belly with a tennisball over and over again. 


My counselor who was always understanding and attentive, would do anything she could to make sure I was not missing work and that I had all my paperwok to verify my absences.


She was more compassionate than my own mother who got me into this mess with my body.


I've always wondered - was this normal, did every girl go through this and why did my classmates look happier and healthier than me. Of course this was the late 1990s so back then, we as girls NEVER had conversations about embarassing periods because we thought our period were gross and "embarrassing" and the boys at school could not find out or we'd be teased for the rest of the day. SO I was alone in this pain except when I saw my counselor maybe 3-4 times a month.


FYI.... I never found out the secret to the other girls' happiness. 



Back to the my story. Surprisingly each doctor told me that I would outgrow this phase or they would just reduce my birth control dose to lessen the hormones to lessen the period.  However, I stopped taking them at 19 yrs old but by that time my period's symptoms worsened. I became an anemic, underweight, and emotional wreck. What helped?


Sometime back, my sister had fibroids, but she didn’t undergo surgery to remove them as so many other doctors recommended. This is because a Natural lady doctor helped her with alternative organic methods. I was motivated to book an appointment with her because of how my sister explained her experience. 


Finally, I managed to sit with this Holistic Gynecologist, Dr. Brewn at her office, and the first thing she said to me was, “you don’t have to let these problems control your life.”


That was crazy because I was really suffering from excruciating menstrual cramps and PMS almost half of my life. I decided to try everything that Dr. Brewn said because I had tried everything else that every other regular  gynecologist recommended.


After telling her all my symptoms and worst episodes, Dr. Brewn advised me to make a few lifestyle changes if I wanted to have a happy period.


A HAPPY PERIOD?? That statement blew my mind. It was unbelievable because of what I was going through my entire life. However, the way Dr. Brown conversed and her compassion were truly convincing.


She was different from other doctors. She listened and didn't tell me " you'll be fine, just take some prescibed pills." In one day this lady changed my life and gave me hope. 


Let’s get started with her alternative remedies from my new Holistic Gynecologist.






Mind What You Eat


It's best to avoid animal products such as whole milk from cows, red meat, and processed foods. The goal is to reduce estrogen levels in the body which contribute to hormonal imbalances and staying away from period imbalancing foods and drinks such as caffeine and alcohol. Maintaining a good hormonal balance can significantly reduce period pain and other PMS symptoms.


The next step is to fill the gap with a low-fat plant-based diet. That means eating a lot of vegetables, whole grains, hormone free lean meats, etc. This was extremely hard for me because I was used to eating sugary and salty snacks, steaks and canned foods, and much more.


I embraced the new change, and within a month of eating well, my period cramps significantly reduced, and I didn’t have to miss work for 2-3 days during my periods.


Opt for Organic Products


The chemical parabens in our beauty products activate estrogen, which increases the risk of getting breast cancer and menstrual-related issues. We can, however, prevent this by opting for only organic natural products such as body washes, deodorant, hair products, lotions & body sprays.


Unlike changing my diet, getting organic beauty products was easier because I just looked at their labels. Switching to natural products helped me stop poisoning my body and the reproductive system.


Heat & Massage Period Belt


A Period Belt helps you introduce heat to your lower abdomen anywhere and anytime. This helps relax the muscles around the uterus, thus increasing blood flow and easing pain so you do NOT have to be in pain and confined to your bed all day while on your menses. Throughout the decades, women have been using warm compresses, and now with advanced technology, we can enjoy on the go, convenient heating while at work or school.


In fact, science supports the use of heat to manage pain effectively. It claims that heat relaxes the uterine contractions, which contribute to less painful menstrual cramps.  


Additionally, massage or vibration can relax your muscles. In fact, vibrational therapy can improve severe period pains, also known as dysmenorrhea. Science shows that this therapy can aid in pain relief by increasing circulation and relaxing muscles thus decreasing pain.


On the other hand, massages reduce uterine spams by relaxing uterine muscles. However, the therapy should specifically focus on the abdominal area. Alternatively, you can opt for a full body massage to reduce stress, thus relieving your menstrual cramps but the Period Belt by V-Love is a simple convenient way to continue everyday life even when your period visits. 

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