How Do Massage and Heat Stop Period Pains?

How Do Massage and Heat Stop Period Pains?
Period Cramp Relief is a HOT Massage Away!
Menstrual cramps can be excruciating. Every month, the 2 to 3 days discomfort is known to disrupt schedules, change moods, and much more.
Period pain happens because your uterus contracts as it shed the uterine lining, thus causing some discomfort in your lower abdomen, back, and upper thighs.
The good news is that there are several hacks to reduce your menstrual cramps. Massaging your lower abdomen using essential oils and wrapping a heating pad around your stomach are two tricks to make your life easier.
So then, let’s try to find answers to the question, why do massage and heat stop period pains?
Does Massaging Help Period Cramps?
Massage is one of the remedies for period pain. Aromatherapy massage can help to relieve pressure in the lower back and abdomen. The following are massage techniques you can use at home to manage your period pain.
Compression Massage Technique: Massaging the sacrum or the triangular bone on your lower back using essential oils can help stop period pains. The bone is located above the tailbone and intersects with the hip bones. A friend can help you do the compression massage as you lie face down on your bed.
Applying pressure on the sacrum by squeezing the area with the heels of your palms for 15-30 seconds can be helpful. The friend can repeatedly apply and release pressure on your sacrum in combination with a simple back massage using essential oils.
Foot Massage Technique: Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure in specific pressure points such as the hands, feet, ears, and face. The concept helps areas of the body and corresponding organs return to their natural state of balance and wellness. The ankle and the area around it are linked to the lower abdomen and so massaging them using essential oils can ease the period pain.
Does Heat Stop Period Cramps?
Like massage, women turn to soothing warmth from hot water bottles and heating pads to ease their period. Heat therapy can stop period pains because it causes the uterine muscles to relax, reduce constriction of your blood vessels and increase blood flow to the uterus, thus relieving the back.
You can do that by supplying heat using hot baths or hot water bottles around the lower abdomen and back areas.
However, it’s important to choose your heating pads carefully to derive maximum benefits. Your heating pad can be portable, cordless, electrical, adhesive, or microwaveable. It should also meet business and medical standards to avoid accidents.
The following are some features that you should consider when purchasing your heat pads.
Vibration: Aside from supplying heat, this heating pad vibrates, thus helping the muscles relax quickly.
Rechargeable Lithium Battery: Such a heating pad can run up to 4 hours and heat up really fast. You can walk around or work wearing your cordless heat pad as you receive hours of uninterrupted heat.
Portable Heating Pad:  This is a heating pad that allows you to move around because it’s cordless. One of the best heating pads under this category is V-Love Portable Menstrual Heating Pad. A rechargeable portable heat pad is a perfect choice for women without time to sit and relax as they soothe their menstrual cramps.
A woman who can’t access a heating pad can use a hot water bottle because it’s a tried and true method of supplying her lower abdomen and back with heat. In fact, today, these bottles are available in 2 liters and below, as well as have a cozy knit cover.
Alternatively, one can use a heating patch to supply heat and stop period pain. The heating patch is designed in a way that it starts heating when you open it. Instead of attaching it to your skin, you can place it on the underside of your underwear or shirt.
The article has shown you two ways of relieving your menstrual cramps. For many centuries women have been using massage and heat therapy to stop period pains.
Today, technology has led to the discovery of different massage techniques that introduce pressure to key areas, thus relieving period pains. Additionally, you can buy a vibrating and rechargeable heating pad that supplies heat as you continue with your work.
V-Love Portable Menstrual Heating Pad is a perfect fit for all women, especially professionals with limited relaxation time. For a simple solution to get the heat and massage you need for your next period, try our "EVE" Period Belt.
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