The BIG "O" changes lives!! Trust me I didn't learn my body until I was in my late 20s and when I say I became the woman I am today because I explored what  my body was capable of. And she is capable of taking over the world....LOL!

Orgasms not only make us scream and tremble but they also help improve blood circulation in our reproductive organs to help everything down-there function properly.

This one factor alone should make you feel good....literally because it has many benefits including regulating our menstrual cycle, hormonal balance, growth of healthy tissues, natural detoxification, improved digestion, improves mood, energizes the entire body, prevents heart disease and there are even studies claiming that orgasms release hormones which may improve breast health. 

  • Having orgasms on a regular basis will help with blood flow in the vagina which increases lubrication to the vagina which may prevent those dry spells.
  • Just as you do squats 3 to 4 times a week to build muscle in our booty and thighs, our vaginal muscle mainly the uterus needs the same workout which is the orgasms that'll have a huge impact our pelvic health. This is a great way to keep the vaginal muscles as strong as we do the rest of our body.
  • Masturbation is a great way to ensure our climaxes are achieved a few times a week to all the benefits mentioned above. I personally use a rabbit that reaches and stimulates my G-spot while sucking on my clit.

  • It runs about $100 or more but I would have easily paid $1000 for it. THAT'S JUST HOW TANTILIZING IT IS FOR MY BODY plus its healthy preventing reproductive problems I used to have. 
  • Speeds up your period: Orgasm will likely cause your period blood to flow faster and end sooner.  It can also make it lighter because it triggers the uterus to contract more and shed the lining more quickly.
  • Have you ever heard of "Sex Magic?" Me neither until an article popped up on my IG page. I googled it and really found it interesting so I tried it and lets just say not only did I have an out of body experience but the thing I set my intentions on to receive while cumming I actually manifested into my reality. It was the most mind blowing moment ever. I will go into full detail in another blog but I will say google sex magic or orgasm manifesting and you will find for yourself if you want to add it to your meditation routine.
  • Studies show orgasms actually help keep us looking younger. Even Lady Gaga has credited "orgasms, lots of orgasms" as the secret to her glowing, youthful skin. How you wonder? Well a couple reasons -1) orgasms stimulate our nervous system causing our blood vessels to open that thens create a flush look 2) they release the hormone estrogen that is responsible which maintains the protein, collagen. This protein has anti-aging effects along with promoting the appearance of youthful skin.

  • Get on top! Stimulation happens a lot on top. So on the next occasion, jump on top instead of missionary position. Being in charge on top is a great way to position your body to stimulate the clitoris.
  • Stop getting hit! This is a way to prevent beating up our vagina. Any other parts of our body we do not like pressure nor to be beat up nor to be pounced.  Our vagina is the one part of our bodies we feel its ok to be hit. And just like the rest of our body if hit, we have to tend to it and prevent from being beat up again. Our vagina is not different. We are ragging her out being on the bottom. So take charge literally for a younger looking vagina! 
  • Don't be shy! Don't be embarrassed! Don't be hesitant! Play with yourself with pride, you will find it to be a beautiful thing that you know how to please yourself. There is nothing odd nor gross about this. It is actually pretty liberating! But don't take my word for it. Stop reading and go try for yourself.