How to Make Our Vagina Look & Feel Young Again**

How to Make Our Vagina Look & Feel Young Again**

Shiny And New! 11 Ways To Keep Our Vagina Forever Young in Our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

Did you know our vaginas starts changing in our EARLY TWENTIES?¬†ūü§Ē

After four babies and now being in my early 40s, I realized my V-Spot didn't feel as youthful as it used to 20 years ago. I considered the new phenomenon vag rejuvenation but after my consult and the cost, I decided to take years of my vagina in a more organic fashion.

I love what women are saying about the vag surgery, I'm just to scared because of possible side effects and the thought of having surgery in my vagina again makes me think childbirth. And Lord knows that's the last thing I want to experience again after having all my babies. 

I also started to have wet sneezes and coughs, nor could I hold my pee as easily as I used to. Yeah I had to figure out something because I started to feel like a old lady and this was making me feel a little insecure sometimes when I was with my man. 

Plus just as sagging happens on our face, the same thing happens to our lady parts over time, which I noticed more of when I would have up and down weight gains.

What's crazy though is there are a million products that I easily find to keep my face looking like I was 25 in which I still get carded because no one believes I'm in my 40s.

Anywho....I'm sometimes overwhelmed of all the products to choose. However I can't find products to make my vagina look 20 years younger. Well...that's some true BS!

When I think about it, how come my gynecologists didn't warn me that that my vagina will also get older too. Yeah it may be common sense but that one...was never a thought because no one had ever brought it.

I know most of us don't think about the places on our body that people can't see, so those areas are the ones we neglect. Just one day I use a mirror to look at my girl down-there to see she's not the same when I looked at her a few years back.

So first before you complete this article, get a mirror and check your girl out and see what she looks and feel like. Using mirror helps you get acquainted with what's normal down-there.

Look around, use your fingers to move and feel your lady parts to observe everything. I learned the hard way not keeping up with her youthfulness. I was shocked how she changed so fast. The key is to able to be more prepared for those changes by being aware of when and what goes down.

I know like you I really wasn't ready for all this but we all have to put our BIG panties on and face the facts including labia sagging and/or discoloration, our clitoris can shrink, even our urethral can loosen causing peeing accidents. 

Here are the best ways over the past year I learned how to keep our real best friend in tip-top shape.


Our skin will likely not be as thick as it was in teenage years, so it may appear thinner than you remember in high school so the products we use is extremely important. Just like the rest of our skin, this area becomes thinner and a bit less elastic and that plumpness we have during our youth, it becomes a bit saggy too.

  • Stay away from chemical artificial products which ages, dries out and irritate the skin.
  • Use organic herbal products free from sulphates, paraben, phthalates and alcohol.¬†Natural herbal ingredients keeps our skin plump, soft, bright and irritation free.¬†
  • Keep skin moisturized to help prevent sagging. Massage the skin same way you do circles for facial rejuvenation as it keep the skin plump.
  • Use the V-Love Yoni Essence Oil to massage the skin which is the labia most known as our lips. Just like we massage our face with circle motion to promote firm, glowing, smooth and bright skin is the exact same thing we should be doing to our Lady V's skin.


Pubic hair works as a protective barrier that helps prevent dirt and bacteria from entering inside. However, however, however...having an excessive amount of pubic hair can cause darker skin, ingrown hairs which may cause bumps and  irritation which may also lead to dark spots or even scarring. But the main reason I do not suggest if you're not your freshest is the odor, the excessive hair can go from not that fresh to rotten smell. 

  • Do NOT shave if you can help it.
  • Wax or laser are better because they remove or kill the hair follicle which will help prevent scarring and discoloration.
  • Allows access for massaging the labia and application of the organic oils¬†to keep the skin soft and smooth.
  • I love laser just fyi because 95% of my hair is gone and I used to be hairy like a dude, it was so embarrassing but now I'm silky smooth from the rooty to the tooty plus my legs and underarms. Now I don't have to shave, wax and maybe see the laser tech once a year. This is so convenient and cheaper and saves me time not wasting it on hair removal.


Kegels are an essential exercise for our vag youthfulness and when I tell you from experience that they really work. These very simple yet effective squeeze  strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which support our womb area including the uterus, bladder and other organs in the pelvic area.

As we get older these muscles weaken, which can lead to issues such as urinary incontinence that I did like at all. 

  • Kegels is kind of like physical therapy for the vagina that trains our pelvic floor muscles to contract and release more effectively.
  • Kegel exercises is that they can be performed at any time.
  • Just by taking deep breaths and contracting your pelvic muscles, you can help increase your vagina‚Äôs elasticity and keep it young.
  • Enhance your kegel exercises especially after giving birth.
  • Envision you have a straw in your vagina, and you‚Äôre trying to pull fluid up through the straw so you're pulling in from your yoni.¬†
  • Your next visit to the restroom, at the mid stream of urinating, try to STOP the flow. YASSSSS stop it or at least try to.¬†
  • Try it now as you're reading, sitting upright and contract your pelvic floor muscle five seconds, relax, and repeat 10 times. Do 5-10 times a day. For 10 seconds between contractions


I hate wedgies and I do not like panty lines when I have on my summer fit dresses. Lastly I know wearing panties is more of a societal norm that our grandmothers told us we were being "hot to trot" and I don't move because everybody else says so. SOOOO....skip the panties.

But for real, the REAL reason to not wearing underwear has its benefits.

  • Fresh air works for every organ of our body including our vagina which helps with circulation.
  • Irritation and infections are more likely when wearing underwear which leaves us to trying to fix issues down-there.
  • Reduce the risk by wearing cotton or going commando.¬†
  • If nothing else skip the panties¬†at bedtime. This could help give our lady bits a cool break, especially we wear¬†them during the day.


Although, our moms and grandmoms grew up on douching telling us to do as a requirement for vaginal health, yet we've heard on every other website or doctor tv show, not to douche. But WHYYYYY? OHK...our vaginas are self-cleaning and douching stirs up problems risking infections based on the websites and doctor shows.

Well.... I'm not going to argue this fact because I douche but not what you think. I use my shower head maybe once a month and squat to allow the high pressure water do a little rinsing. This way its barely touching the surface of my vagina. But I have a wayyyy better system I use to help with cleansing which is yoni steaming without the risk of other problems that douching may cause

  • Yoni steaming is a wonderful way to bring youth and vitality to the vagina, to support reproductive wellness, and to detoxify.
  • This is a serene experience¬†in which I allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of my¬†V-Spot for about 30 minutes.
  • Just like using a neti pot to clear nasal congestion, the moisture of a yoni steam¬†increase circulation to help and thin mucus.
  • The medicinal steam of the herbs permeates into our organs,¬†safely and effectively cleansing, revitalizing, and toning the female organs kind of like a facial steam but for our vagina.
  • The results help for¬†calmer periods and rejuvenated vagina overall.
  • Use this time to meditate and heal our bodies and heart from past emotional trauma.


Vaginal fluid is more than 90% water and our entire body is made up of over 70% of water as well. The imbalance of our pH levels is commonly caused by dehydrated skin in and around the inside of the vagina.

Drinking more will hydrate your skin, but also, increase blood flow, flush toxins, replenish moisture, help our skin turnover aka exfoliate, plus more! When we don't drink enough water, our vagina suffer tremendously. More water....less caffeine, less alcohol, and less sugary beverages. Ladies drink up!!

  • To ensure hydration of our skin, have at minimum 8-10 cups of water a day.
  • Spring, alkaline and distilled water are better choices over tap, purified and drinking water. These waters have less contaminants and filtered in healthier processes.¬†
  • Dehydration makes our vagina dry so the more water we drink, the more lubricated we will feel naturally.
  • Period cramps, pain, fatigue and mood swings could significantly reduce if your body is hydrated, we can notice a difference in our PMS almost immediately within days if you drink water before your period starts.¬†


YESSSSS I know but just a simple reminder to wipe front to back to ensure you do not contaminate your vagina from stuff from behind. And to make sure we are definitely clean not kind of clean then we should be using wet wipes not toilet paper.

The tissue we use is extremely important because that cheap stuff will cause infections due to the fact pieces of toilet paper residue is left all over our vagina. Cleaning the area significantly reduces your chances of getting an infection and using the wipes are more effective in cleaning all the hidden spots our vagina has. 

  • Wipes will keep our lady parts free of stuck toilet paper, decrease chances of bacteria.
  • Wipes can get expensive so the tissue I keep in every bathroom in my home is Cottenelle, it's quilted and I never have gross toilet paper residue on my sensitive vagina.
  • This method also is great because it also allows you to have a moisturizing session in between bathing and application of the yoni oil.¬†


Keeping our vagina youthful is a good bacteria away. Huh? Probiotics also called healthy good bacteria are in our digestive system which has an important connection to our vagina. 

  • Probiotics are packed full of healthy bacteria that not only help your GI tract, but also our vagina.¬†Lactobacillus¬†is¬†the most abundant bacteria in the vagina in the majority of reproductive age women.
  • It is also the most-researched strain of probiotic when it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy vaginal balance.¬†
  • These bacteria work to balance out the pH level of the vagina, which makes for a healthy and hospitable environment.
  • Studies have shown that when taken, probiotics will improve symptoms for those who already have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis or who may suffer with odor.¬†
  • Yefense Probiotics for Women are filled with 10 billions good bacteria needed for our vagina.¬†


The BIG "O" changes lives!! Trust me I didn't learn my body until I was in my late 20s and when I say I became the woman I am today because I explored what  my body was capable of. And she is capable of taking over the world....LOL!

Orgasms not only make us scream and tremble but they also help improve blood circulation in our reproductive organs to help everything down-there function properly.

This one factor alone should make you feel good....literally because it has many benefits including regulating our menstrual cycle, hormonal balance, growth of healthy tissues, natural detoxification, improved digestion, improves mood, energizes the entire body, prevents heart disease and there are even studies claiming that orgasms release hormones which may improve breast health. 

  • Having orgasms on a regular basis will help with blood flow in the vagina which increases lubrication to the vagina which may prevent those dry spells.
  • Just as you do squats 3 to 4 times a week to build muscle in our booty and thighs, our vaginal muscle mainly the uterus needs the same workout which is the orgasms that'll have a huge impact our pelvic health. This is a great way to keep the vaginal muscles as strong as we do the rest of our body.
  • Masturbation is a great way to ensure our climaxes are achieved a few times a week to all the benefits mentioned above. I personally use a rabbit that reaches and stimulates my G-spot while sucking on my clit. It runs about $100 or more but I would have easily paid $1000 for it. THAT'S JUST HOW TANTILIZING IT IS FOR MY BODY plus its healthy preventing reproductive problems I used to have.¬†
  • ÔĽŅSpeeds up your period:¬†Orgasm will likely cause your period blood to flow faster and end sooner.¬† It can also make it lighter because it triggers the uterus to contract more and shed the lining more quickly.
  • Have you ever heard of "Sex Magic?" Me neither until an article popped up on my IG page. I googled it and really found it interesting so I tried it and lets just say not only did I have an out of body experience but the thing I set my intentions on to¬†receive while having an orgasm I actually manifested into my reality. It was the most mind blowing moment ever. I will go into full detail in another blog but I will say google sex magic or orgasm manifesting and you will find for yourself if you want to add it to your meditation routine.
  • Studies show orgasms actually help keep us looking younger.¬†Even Lady Gaga has credited "orgasms, lots of orgasms" as the secret to her glowing, youthful skin. How you wonder? Well a couple reasons -1) orgasms stimulate our nervous system causing our blood vessels to open that then creates a flush look 2) they release the hormone estrogen that is responsible which maintains the protein, collagen. This protein has anti-aging effects along with promoting the appearance of youthful skin.
  • Get on top! Stimulation happens a lot on top. So on the next occasion, jump on top instead of missionary position. Being in charge on top is a great way to position your body to stimulate the clitoris.
  • Stop getting hit! This is a way to prevent beating up our vagina. Any other parts of our body we do not like pressure nor to be beat up nor to be pounced.¬†¬†Our vagina is the one part of our bodies we feel its ok to be hit. And just like the rest of our body if hit, we have to tend to it and prevent from being beat up again. Our vagina is not different. We are ragging her out being on the bottom. So take charge literally for a younger looking vagina!¬†
  • Don't be shy! Don't be embarrassed! Don't be hesitant! Play with yourself with pride, you will find it to be a beautiful thing that you know how to please yourself. There is nothing odd nor gross about this. It is actually pretty liberating! But don't take my word for it. Stop reading and go try for yourself.


Vaginal care is even more important because how we take care of her now will affect how our bodies feel during our menstrual cycle but this also benefits us when we're off our period. But here are some tips that will definitely make us feel better on and off our period. 

Some of the symptoms that have been putting me down during my periods are pain, headaches, diarrhea, and bloating.  Like 70% of women, my menstrual cramps were severe and sometimes debilitating. 

One gynecologist told me that it’s normal to have period cramps because uterine muscles are contracting to shed the lining.  However, this pain was so severe to the point of interfering with my everyday life, keeping me in bed for days. 

  • Chamomile tea is the perfect choice during periods because it has a calming effect on a woman's body. It reduces fatigue and promotes better sleep which translates to period cramps that are less painful, thus restoring comfort. Indeed the poor quality of sleep contributes to severe period cramps, fatigue, and much more so chamomile tea will definitely do the job as it brings a serene feeling all over me. I drink this nightly which helps me rest better and feel calmer in my rushed mornings.
  • Them Damn Orgasms Again - The body releases chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin when you have an orgasm.¬† These serve as painkillers, thus helping you deal with period cramps. ¬†Further, during orgasm, the blood circulation increases around the uterus.¬† This rush helps relieve the contractions and get rid of stress.¬† The body also releases endorphins which enhance relaxation and allows you to sleep better. So don‚Äôt feel shy making love or stimulating your clitoris, vulva, or nipples during your periods.¬† The sexual pleasure will not only make you feel good, but it will also reduce the painful cramps.¬†¬†

  • The vitamin is essential for several bodily functions, such as keeping the nervous system functioning properly, improving the immune system, and regulating metabolism. ¬†The nutrient can help relieve menstrual pain and other symptoms of PMS by increasing the "happy neurotransmitters" like dopamine and serotonin.
  1. B6 also helps make a unique type of prostaglandin (a type of chemical messenger) that women who has very uncomfortable PMS may be deficient in.
  2. Period pains are accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, headaches and sleep problems.  However, Vitamin D helps reduce prostaglandins production, the hormone-like substance that triggers the uterine contractions to shed its lining. 
  3. Probiotics are beneficial for your digestive and vaginal health especially the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strain.  And these healthy bacteria strains occur naturally in nutritional supplements and foods. Poor and malnourished gut health leads to unbalanced hormones, which affect the menstrual cycle and contribute to painful period cramps. Yefense is the best one that thousands of women reported that they notice a difference within a week.
  4. Magnesium may help calm the physical symptoms, it will be your new best friend. It's called the natural relaxant because it relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus and reduce the prostaglandins that may be a reason for our period pains. 
  5. Stay away from the pain pills that have a major impact on our liver and kidneys. It's important to again find a holistic approach to prevent or stop period pain. Heat and massage are the best natural remedies that will relax the muscles and enhance blood circulation for an easier flow, hence stopping the pain. Try the EVE Period Belt for instant relief of period cramps within minutes. 

11) A Doctor Visit is a MUST

Although I am not the biggest fan of doctors, I am an advocate of "what you don't know will hurt you!"  However, I love seeing holistic doctors who will have way more natural alternatives should we have any issues especially down-there. 

Even if it's just for an annual exam when you can talking about health problems and ask questions to our concerns or problems our body may be experiencing that may be new and to see if changes have occurred that may not be visible to our eyes. 

  • When we KNOW better, we DO better.¬†
  • Prevention SAVES us more than treatment does.
  • Find a Holistic GYN to use organic and alternative preventative & healing methods to save not only our vaginas but our bodies. A more¬†holistic approach means we are focusing on the whole body & lifestyle and the many factors that play a role in our health.

BONUS 1: Change The Way We Think

Having a vagina empowering, men and/or society forget that vaginas give life.  But it’s also important for us women to stay on top of our vaginal health and recognize that YES our vaginas give life and we must treat her like she's as important as we treat our face. This meme perfectly relates to how we should put her above the pedestal.
When we know what is normal and to have a good idea of how our vagina looks and feel, we'll be quick to notice when something doesn't look or feel right. Having this kind of internal power is even more of a reason we should start to LOVE on our vaginas way more often. 
What is crazy is we forget how much love our vaginas pour into herself without any help from us. We should take comfort in knowing that the most precious part of our body definitely loves itself. Our Vaginas are masters in self-care yet we sometimes don't show her all the love she deserves. 
Our vagina is as young as we think it is. Here is some "show her some love" tips that inspired me on my journey. 
  • Everyone does not get to take her for a ride. This means be very careful who we allow in (men and/or women.) We make soul-ties through our vagina with people who do not deserve our spit. That may be a little harsh but think back to the times you let people in who you never heard from again or who trashed your feelings or treated you like sh!t. These selfish opportunists do this to many of us but it is our job to protect our vagina, heart, mind, body, soul and energy. Energy suckers do exist but we have the power to choose who we let in. Choose wisely.¬†
  • Gurrrrrrrl, our vagina has skills we you might not even know about! We shouldn‚Äôt be embarrassed to talk about our own damn vaginas. Literally close to¬†4 billion¬†women on earth have them. So lets start bragging about our vagina's strength, design and functionality.¬†
  • Ask her how she‚Äôs doing. Wait a minute!! WHAT??? YESSSS ask our Vagina how she's doing. Is there anything you can do for her? Anything she might need?¬†Are you and her connected? What can you do to become united as one?¬†What can you do to heal as one?
  • Like meditation, let your mind go where it would like. Be the awareness of your feelings and welcome it all in. This may sounds crazy but it is important to spiritually connect with our vagina as it's One of the best things I've done to get to truly know me, myself and I. And my vagina is all of me.¬†

Restore the Energetic Balance of Our Vagina

The energetic balance of our vaginas is actually just as important as the physical health. We will heal spiritual cracks and renew our relationship with the most sacred feminine organ of a woman.

Let's reclaim our power, spirit, and joy of our beautiful female body and try to understand its connection to our creative energy flow. 

My favorite song happens to be by 112 "Peaches & Cream" this is my Peaches & Cream Anthem confirming the power I know I have and the joy I feel having a vagina knowing such a beautiful life-giving spirit is within me, that so many want to get in...LOL

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