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V-Love Yoni™ Combo Yoni Oil & Wash helps you feel refreshed, balanced, moisturized and smell fabulous while promoting a balanced pH along with leaving behind a subtle refreshing scent.

“Love Her” Kit

“Love Her” Kit

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  • • Wash Her With Love Then Oil Her Up!
  • • Our Yoni Oil & Wash Combo includes plant herbs & organic essential oils making it safe to use for all skin types including sensitive skin. NO CHEMICALS!
  • • V-Love Yoni™ Feminine Care Wash Made with Aloe Vera, ACV, Coconut & Sunflower Oil
  • • V-Love Yoni™ Feminine Care Oil Made with Lavender, Rose, Peppermint, Safflower Oil & Infused Rose Petals
  • • Yoni Oil: Infused with Fresh Oven-Dried Rose Petals made to rejuvenate your yoni and keep it moisturized with a soft feeling and a fresh aroma.
  • • Yoni Wash: Contains Aloe Vera and coconut, it not only helps fight odor but also promotes softness while keeping it moisturized to keep your yoni soothed and feeling fresh no matter where you are.
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Customer Reviews

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Tia H

I love these products! The wash and the oil is the bomb. You can fill the products working as soon as you start using it. The oil has control dryness and keeps it soft. Love it

Nickey W.

Love these products!

Dawnita Marshall

This smells wonderful and i love it i will be ordering more Thank you.