V-Love has developed the perfect solutions for us to connect to our vaginas and periods in a more holistic way. From steaming to boosting your mood & confidence to stopping period cramps before they start to reducing odor, this brand will sure get you to spoiling and loving all over your vag.

Our full range of feminine care products will help you level up to a healthy vagina and happy period, treating her like the treasure she is. 

The Peace & Connection You Feel After A Yoni Steam
  • REJUVENATION: Use the comforting power of our V-Love Steaming Herbs to rejuvenate your feminine area.

  • RELEASE THE OLD: This holistic approach has women raving about the emotional & physical benefits including releasing past negative energies.

  • CREATE YOUR SANCTUARY: This is easy Setup allows you own haven in the comfort of your home….feeling cleansed, confident and at peace. You’ll feel empowered to protect your renewed Lady-V after this experience!
Stop Period Cramps Before They Start
  • YOUR PERIOD DESERVES SPA TREATMENT: You’ll start to look forward to your period so you can pamper yourself using your very own V-Love Period Belt.

  • WIRELESS & CONVENIENT: Technology especially for us women to quickly relieve menstrual cramps in minutes with soothing heat and numbing massage relaxing the feminine muscles thus easing the period cramps. 

  • WEAR ANYWHERE-ANYTIME: Work, at school, at the gym, or even on datenight, or just chilling in the bed we can NOW overcome period cramps ON-THE-GO conveniently and safely without popping pills all day.
Get That Yoni “Soft & Pretty”
  • FEEL & SMELL FRESH: Our Blend of organic essential oils are so gentle on your skin. Great for odor, dryness, flaky skin & ingrown hairs.

  • PLEASANT AROMA: While feel soft with healthy glowing skin, your man will love to get a whiff of you.

  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: No artificial ingredients, harsh chemicals, fillers, fragrances, additives nor preservatives. The most sensitive skin will thirst for this oil.